3.0L (230-270hp)
3.0L (230-270hp)
Teknik Özellikleri
1Power mhp / kW270
2Maximum RPM (WOT)4200
3Engine typeV6
4Displacement (L)3.0L
5Air HandlingTurbocharged and Aftercooled
6Weight (engine only)358 Kg (789 lbs)

Powerful and Compact

Redefining the standard in a powerful, compact and easy-to-service package

6.7L (480-550hp)
6.7L (480-550hp)
Teknik Özellikleri
1Power mhp / kW550 / 405
2Displacement (L)6.7
3Air HandlingTurbocharged and Aftercooled
4Emission CertificationEPA Tier 3, EU RCD 2, IMO Tier 2

For Recreational Applications

Delivers exceptional performance, acceleration and top speed.